Any college or university in North America that has signed a power purchase agreement (PPA) to purchase at least one megawatt of green power for five years or more is eligible to join the Green Gigawatt Partnership (GGP). Participating campuses receive visibility and recognition through GGP webinars, publications, and events and may use the GGP logo. There is no cost to join.

If your institution has already completed one or more large-scale (at least one megawatt in capacity), long-term (at least five years) contracts for green power and would like to join the GGP, please provide information about the PPA via the GGP Submission Form. You will be recognized as a GGP Participant upon review of the form to ensure it meets the GGP’s criteria. For simplicity and consistency, we use similar criteria to the US EPA’s Green Power Partnership to define sources of green power and identify “Long-Term Contracts.”

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If your institution has not yet completed a long-term contract for green power and would like to get started, GGP can help. In addition to the information and guidance provided through the GGP’s resources page, AASHE has partnered with Altenex to provide no-cost assistance to help interested campuses navigate the complexities of the green power marketplace.

Altenex provides comprehensive renewable energy advisory and procurement services to enable Fortune 1000 companies, campuses, and municipalities to control energy costs and improve their environmental performance. They are offering free assistance to higher education as a way to make it easier for interested institutions to develop green PPAs and join the GGP.

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